Institut Background



Industrial Training Institute ( ILP ) was established under the Manpower Department aims to provide formal technical training to employees in the industrial and school leavers to enable them to gain skills in specific areas. ILP Kepala Batas was completed in December 2004 with the conveniences of modern equipment and latest technology . This workshop can accommodate 600 students at any one time . In addition , the workshop also operates a part-time courses in the form of modular and customized to meet the needs of industry. Industrial Training Institute ( ILP ) Kepala Batas has been launched by Tun Abdullah bin Haji Ahmad Badawi in 2004 .




Institut Latihan Perindustrian Kepala Batas is now offering 6 courses in the field of technical such as Computer System, Electrical, Instrumentation (Process Control), Industrial Electronics, Telecommunications and Refrigeration and Air-condition. All these courses are practically suite to the prerequisite of industries need.




The courses offered are intended to meet the needs of training and skilled workforce . In addition, the syllabus for each course is continually updated and equipped with the technology and equipment in line with current industry needs . Lecturers who are responsible for conducting the training program will consist of skills among lecturers who holds a Diploma and Degree .



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