Students are fully supported by the government which the students will be provided allowances RM 100 per month as well as hostels and meals for free. Besides that, students will be exposed to technical skills learning programme for 70% and theory 30%.
Despite of technical skills, students are free to join recreation activity such as sports (football, netball, table tennis, tracks etc) and spiritual programme (talks,prayers) at the nearby mosque and art and cultural activities (nasyeed, boria, singing, dancing)
All results can be checked through the Institute of Examination and Certification Unit, respectively.
All final decisions that have been approved in the Examination and Certification Committee (JPP) can be accessed via the website JTM http://apps.jtm.gov.my/examiljtm/semak.php These results can usually be made within a period of 1 month from the date of the Meeting.